On May 24, 2019, I went to Rome. There is Trevi Fountain in this ancient city, and people believe once they cast a coin, they will be able to return to Rome someday in the future. This ritual has attracted people from all over the world, and every day, tourists drop coins when they make wishes. However, I didn't drop a coin when I visited the fountain, I chose to take a coin from there and promised to return it during my next visit to Rome.

I decide to show this coin in this exhibition. Can artworks “borrow” ideas from others? Even if we don’t know who this person is, his/her identity, nationality, or personal experiences, and not even the wish this person made when he/she dropped the coin, all of these are open. Since this is a "borrowed" piece, it won't be sold or collected. It will only be returned to Rome one day.

Coin, Trevi Fountain water, plastic bottle, paper